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Failure to Obey Traffic Signals Attorney Linden NJIn today’s world, people are busy running from place to place.  They are stressed, pressed for time, and on the go.  Often, when driving from place to place we get distracted.  If a distraction causes you to run a stoplight or stop sign, or fail to obey an officer’s signal, you could be charged with failure to obey a traffic signal under N.J.S.A. 39:4-81.

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Failure to Observe Road Signals

N.J.S.A. 39:4-81 (failure to observe road signals) makes it a motor vehicle violation to fail to obey traffic control devices. Specifically, every driver and pedestrian must abide by the instructions of any official traffic control device unless an officer directs the person otherwise. Additionally, if a stoplight or traffic signal is out because of power failure, the person must still abide by the intention of the signal and stop. Most people have come across a traffic light that is out due to a storm or work being done. You actually have an obligation to stop, just as though the light is working, for the stop is the safety of yourself and others on the road. You also have an obligation to follow an officer’s instructions if he tells you to stop or slow down.

Failure to Abide by Traffic Lights and Signs

In New Jersey, there are numerous traffic lights and signals.  Some lights and instructions are different than others. If you are not paying attention and fail to abide by the signal, you could be found guilty of the motor vehicle offense.  For example, in most places, you can turn right on red.  However, at some intersections, there may be a sign that says “right turn signal” or “no turn on red”.  In this situation, you can be given a ticket if you fail to abide by the signal.

Failure to Obey Pedestrian Signs

The law also applies to pedestrians as noted in 39:4-81. Crosswalks and the corresponding lights often have a lighted sign indicating when it is safe for pedestrians to walk.  The sign shows a person walking when it is safe to walk and a hand when the pedestrian must stop.  Failure to obey this signal can also result in a ticket.

Pay the Fine or Contest the Ticket in Court

If you have received a ticket for failure to obey a traffic signal, you can either plead guilty and pay the fine, or go to municipal court and fight the ticket or resolve the case with a less serious ticket.  Persons charged with this offense who are unrepresented must go to court and often wait all day.  If convicted, you will be assessed two points on your license.

Over time, a person who accumulates multiple points will be assessed a surcharge, and after 12 points,  your license can be suspended.  The court will also force you to pay a fee of $85, issue a penalty between $50-$200, and may sentence you to imprisonment for up to 15 days.

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