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Traffic Offenses
Traffic Offenses

Citations for motor vehicle violations can arise in a variety of circumstances, whether they are issued in isolation or issued in coordination with other criminal offenses, such as possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of a weapon, or possession of drug paraphernalia. Some of the most common offenses, such as driving while intoxicated, can entail severe and unanticipated consequences, including jail time, significant fines, and extended terms of license suspension. In addition, traffic offenses can result in the accumulation of points on your driver’s license, which can increase insurance premiums and cause other long-term issues in your life. With these potential negative implications hanging over your head, it is extremely beneficial to place your confidence in a legal advocate with the experience to facilitate a more desirable outcome. Edward S. Cooper has assisted thousands of clients faced with traffic cases over the course of his extensive career practicing law in New Jersey. Contact his offices for a free consultation at 908-481-4625.

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Attorney Edward Cooper has represented clients charged with a vast array of motor vehicle violations, some of which include:

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