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Driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence of drugs are considered motor vehicle infractions in New Jersey. However, these offenses can entail a host of serious penalties, including jail sentences, significant fines, and long-term periods of driver’s license suspension. Moreover, the implications of a conviction can extend to other areas of your life, impacting your ability to travel to and from your place of employment and to conduct your daily activities. Considering these serious consequences, it is in your best interests to enlist the services of a knowledgeable and aggressive defense attorney. Contact the law offices of Edward S. Cooper at 908-481-4625 for a cost-free case analysis.

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DWI cases vary extensively based on the number (if any) of previous offenses for which the defendant has been convicted, his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the alleged offense (provided that he or she did not refuse to consent to a breathalyzer test), and the location of the arrest (i.e. in a school zone). Due to the complexity of DWI law in New Jersey, there are a number of distinct charges encompassed within this realm, including:

  • First Offense DWI
  • Second Offense DWI
  • Third Offense DWI
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI)
  • DWI in a School Zone
  • Refusal to Submit to a Breathalyzer Test
  • Underage DWI

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When confronting charges for DWI or DUI in New Jersey, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the charges against you, the potential penalties associated with a conviction, and the collateral issues which may work to your advantage or undermine your chances for achieving a successful outcome. To speak with experienced DWI defense lawyer Edward S. Cooper, contact his offices anytime at 908-481-4625.