Criminal Possession of Prescription Drug Lawyer Union County NJ

Controlled and dangerous substances (CDS) can be prescription narcotics serious drugs that have a high risk of abuse, especially if not taken as prescribed by a doctor.

Criminal Possession of Prescription Drug Lawyer Union County NJAs one of the states hardest hit by the opioid and prescription drug epidemic, rising opioid abuse is a public health emergency issue in New Jersey. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in New Jersey. With a 700% rise in admissions to drug treatment programs and almost 14,000 deaths from drug overdose since 2004, New Jersey has three times the national average of heroin overdoses.

Opioids, both illegal (heroin) and prescription (fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, percocet, and codeine), have powerful, often irreversible effects on the mind and body for those who become addicted to them. Being charged with a drug-related offense or DWI/DUI can drastically alter your life, whether you are an adolescent, adult, or someone who takes doctor prescribed medication.

Although the consequences and financial penalties may vary depending on the charges, losing your freedom, your family, your livelihood, educational opportunities, a scholarship, and even your ability to get a loan, public assistance or housing. For many victims of addiction and their families, the last place they need to be is in a jail cell. Drug treatment, a conditional discharge, or Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) may be a more humane and preferable option that would undoubtedly reduce the financial and personnel burden on prisons and their staff.

Prescription Drugs As Controlled & Dangerous Substances (CDS) in NJ

Controlled and dangerous substances (CDS) are usually serious drugs that have no medical purpose and also have a high risk of abuse. Prescription drugs, are some of the most common types of CDS and possessing or distributing them without legal permission to do so is a crime. That’s why it’s recommenced to ALWAYS carry prescription drugs in the container they came in from the pharmacy or doctor’s office because it should show both your name and the name of the prescribing doctor.

Cranford Lawyers Explain the Dangers of Prescription Drug Possession in NJNot doing so, even if it’s inconvenient, could be very problematic, especially if you become impaired and involved in a traffic stop or traffic offense and the police discover the medication in the car. In circumstances like this, as the driver you would be charged with both possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of a CDS in a motor vehicle, leaving you exposed to both the criminal and motor vehicle penalties associated with these offenses.

Cranford Lawyers Explain the Dangers of Prescription Drug Possession in NJ

A person without a valid prescription, who knowingly possesses a prescription drug in the amount of five or more doses, can be charged with a fourth-degree crime in the state of New Jersey; which could be a fine up to $10,000 and up to 18 months imprisonment. If a person is accused of possession of illegal prescription drugs that are in the amount of fewer than four doses than it is a disorderly person charge.

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