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Municipal Court Defense

Local municipal courts can serve as venues for intimidating and time-consuming matters, some of which spell serious consequences, including jail sentences, periods of license suspension, significant fines, and permanent charges on your criminal record. These courts have limited jurisdiction over a variety of low-level criminal offenses, ranging from drug charges to simple assault; motor vehicle violations ranging from speeding to driving while intoxicated (DWI); and municipal ordinance violations such as littering and disturbing the peace.

Regardless of the specific offense for which you have been charged, it is extremely beneficial to have a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you through the legal process in municipal court. Further, it is incrementally more valuable to have an attorney who frequently appears in the specific court in which your case will be heard because he or she is likely to be more familiar with the nuances of court procedure and the individuals who operate within the court on daily basis.

For instance, Attorney Edward Cooper utilizes his extensive experience practicing in towns such as Linden, Cranford, Garwood, and Roselle Park, to more effectively advocate for his clients who face prosecution in these jurisdictions. To view a list of just some of the courts in which he regularly appears, access the Courts We Serve page.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a criminal offense or motor vehicle violation in Union, Middlesex, or Somerset counties, contact the law offices of Attorney Edward S. Cooper today at 908-481-4625 for a cost-free consultation. Also, click here to view some of the courts we often serve.

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Generally, the municipal court is the legal forum to address any of the aforementioned offenses that occurs within the confines of the associated municipality. More serious crimes, known as felonies or “indictable offenses,” are transferred to the Superior Court in the county in which the alleged offense occurred for adjudication. In certain cases, felony charges will be reviewed by the county prosecutor’s office and remanded back to the municipal court. These instances often involve lower-level felonies, such as fourth degree crimes, which are then downgraded to disorderly persons offenses.

Some of the most common criminal offenses and motor vehicle violations that are adjudicated in New Jersey’s Municipal Courts include:

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For a free consultation about your criminal or motor vehicle case in municipal court, contact Attorney Cooper’s Linden offices anytime at 908-481-4625. Mr. Cooper will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the charges you are facing, as well as the appropriate next steps to successfully resolve your case.