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Post Divorce Modification

There seems a certain sense of finality when you reach the end of the divorce process and come to a settlement or receive a final divorce judgement. However, with our lives undergoing constant evolution, it is not surprising that divorce settlements may require modification as the circumstances of our lives change. Also, in some unfortunate situations, one of the parties fails to fulfill his or her responsibilities or to comply with the conditions of the settlement, which may require some form of enforcement to be corrected. In either case, it is invaluable to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney advocating on your behalf to ensure that your interests are thoroughly protected and that a fair and equitable resolution is reached.

If the circumstances surrounding your divorce settlement have changed, Attorney Edward Cooper can help you to effectively address these issues in order to achieve a favorable outcome. He will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your final divorce decree, followed by a complete analysis of your current needs and situation, in order to provide you with a thorough assessment of all of the options that may be available to you. Contact Attorney Cooper anytime at 908-481-4625 for a consultation about your case.

Rahway NJ Post-Divorce Proceedings Lawyer

As mentioned previously, there are two common situations that compel a post-divorce proceeding and/or modification: a change in life circumstances or a lack of compliance with the final divorce judgement. These situations can encompass a host of divorce-related issues, including:

  • Child Custody and Visitation: These agreements can require modification when one or more of the parties has a significant change in their schedule, when the children’s medical or educational circumstances change, or when one of the parties relocates. Other issues can include: parental disagreements over visitation, domestic violence incidents, substance abuse issues, the stability of the home environment, and the child’s preference if age appropriate.
  • Child Support: These agreements can require modification when one of the parties has a significant change in income or employment status. They can also require enforcement when one of the parties fails to fulfill their previously-determined child support responsibilities.
  • Property Divisions: These modifications are seldom granted and often require extraordinary circumstances to be successful in court. For example, compelling circumstances may include one parties’ purposeful concealment of assets during the divorce process. Also, failure to comply with the provisions of a divorce settlement, such as the selling of the marital home, can provide cause for a property division modification.
  • Alimony: These modifications generally require a significant change in financial circumstances, whether caused by changes in personal circumstances or alterations in employment status. Personal changes may involve one of the parties receiving an inheritance or choosing to cohabit or remarry. Employment circumstances may involve promotions, demotions, job termination, unemployment, or disability.

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Edward S. Cooper has been assisting clients and their families during and after the divorce process for nearly 25 years. He is committed to developing interactive and dynamic relationships with his clients that are built on trust and ongoing communication. To discuss your case with Mr. Cooper, contact his Union County offices at 908-481-4625.