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Protecting Your Wealth in a High-Asset New Jersey Divorce Case in towns including Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, Summit, Clark, Roselle, and Rahway

Protecting Your Wealth in a High-Asset or High-Net-Worth New Jersey Divorce CaseSpouses in high-net-worth divorces often face additional challenges and a longer litigation period than conventional divorce cases. Divorce litigation and civil union dissolution can be fraught with emotional difficulties and challenges. When a marriage ends and there are multiple or complex financial assets at stake, equitable distribution of property can become quite complicated when considering all the variables involved.

Division of Assets disputes often arise when trying to distinguish marital property acquired during the marriage and separate property which may have been acquired prior to or as a gift or inheritance after the marriage began. How property is differentiated or categorized is extremely important for deciding alimony and spousal support and possibly child custody or child support, so it’s important to have keen legal counsel from a New Jersey family law firm with experience understanding the inherent intricacies of high-asset divorces.

If you or someone you know has substantial assets and are considering a divorce, you should consult a New Jersey attorney with experience in high-profile, high-asset, and high-net-worth divorce, to help you navigate the process and weigh your options.

For nearly 25 years, Attorney Edward S. Cooper, Esq. has helped families through every step of their divorce and family law matters, advising them of their rights and responsibilities and possible outcomes. Enlisting his services means that you can count on the open-ended communication and personalized service that he never fails to provide. Our experience encompasses a vast array of high-value and complex asset divorce-related issues for clients throughout Middlesex and Union County, NJ, as we often advocate for clients in Cranford, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Union Township, Summit, and surrounding communities.

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What Is Considered a High-Net-Worth Divorce in Union County, NJ?

High-net-worth or high-asset clients generally have more than $1 million in liquid assets, which may consist of: property, business shares, and overseas assets, among others. You have the right to preserve assets. High-asset and high-net-worth divorce litigation requires special skills and can demand complex discovery. We work with forensic accountants, business valuation experts, tax experts, financial planners, cash flow analysts, and private investigators for everything from real estate, to cryptocurrency, intellectual property, social media client engagement, family heirloom jewelry, and art collections. Such expertise could be essential in your unique divorce outcome and help you build a successful and financially secure future.

How Soon Should I Inventory Our Marital Assets in Westfield, NJ?

A common mistake couples make when dissolving their marriage is waiting until the last minute to list their assets. Waiting until the end could mean forgetting about or losing access to certain personal as well as marital items, documents, or records. Starting early means assuring that personal or inherited property is deemed to its rightful owner.

Help! I Suspect My Spouse is Hiding Assets in Our Clark, NJ High-Net-Worth Divorce!

Help! I Suspect My Spouse is Hiding Assets in Our Clark, NJ High-Net-Worth Divorce!In high-net-worth divorces, it is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to hide certain assets to keep them from equitable property division as marital property. Assets hidden before a divorce can be difficult to locate and may require a forensic investigation and review of tax returns to track down any assets, money, heirlooms, art, or other items of value.

If you suspect your spouse of transferring money, making payments to a bitcoin wallet, third party, or deferring stock compensation as a result of a pending divorce, contact a knowledgeable high-asset divorce attorney for immediate assistance today.

Want To Challenge a Potential High-Asset Prenuptial Agreement in Middlesex County, NJ?

prenuptial agreement is a written contract which details how certain assets, property, and support are handled after a divorce. Entered into before the marriage, each party agrees to terms of asset division, expenses, debts, and any property.

A spouse may challenge the validity of a premarital/prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in a divorce. Such contracts are not enforceable if either party engaged in fraud or falsely represented information or if the agreement:

  • was forged,
  • was entered into under force or duress,
  • contains invalid provisions in the agreement, or
  • is unenforceable based on public policy.

Do you have a marital agreement? We will carefully review it, and ensure that it is valid and interpreted properly so that it is not used against you in an unfair manner.

How is Child Support for High-Asset Clients Determined in Summit, NJ?

In many cases, traditional methods for calculating New Jersey child support and related costs do not necessarily apply in high-assets divorce cases, as the courts determine what is in the child’s best interests. Often there are related childcare expenses such as nannies or au pairs, private school tuition, music lessons, sports-related activities, tutors, college contributions, seasonal travel expenses, or medical costs if the child has special needs or requires physical therapy.

Considering the complexities involved, each case is assessed based on the family’s unique circumstances.

Will I Share My Pension or Retirement Savings in a Cranford, NJ High-Net-Worth Divorce?

Retirement accounts, company shares, and pensions can represent a significant source of tax benefits and post-divorce savings. During a marriage, most couples don’t think twice about their mutual plan to share their retirement nest egg and enjoy their remaining golden years. In the midst of a divorce, when the retirement savings and other assets are subject to division, one party may fear not having enough to retire comfortably, should they be obligated to pay spousal support.

Combined with other divorce-related expenses, some spouses may also be tempted to hide assets or access their retirement savings just to pay for basic living expenses. The latter is especially true during a separation when it can be tempting for an individual to tap into their retirement savings to cover basic living expenses until the divorce decree has been issued.

Will I Share My Pension or Retirement Savings in a Linden, NJ High-Net-Worth Divorce?Dividing retirement assets between soon-to-be ex-spouses requires evaluating not just the current value, but also considering the long-term financial potential of each asset.

With extensive experience working with high-asset clients, our keen legal minds at The Law Offices of Edward S. Cooper, Esq., have the skills to support you, whether you want to minimize your spousal support obligations or as a non-working spouse have the financial means to live comfortably.

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