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High Conflict Divorce in New JerseyIn an ideal world, partners would be able to be collaborative through their relationship, even when differing goals and life journeys mean the best path for the couple is a split. In the case that a New Jersey divorce becomes the best option, one would hope that the pair of exes could continue working together as a team to dissolve the legal union and separate assets in a way that is fair and mutually beneficial. Even though the process of a divorce proceeding – in tandem with the huge emotional, mental, physical, and financial pivot towards a new life – is emotionally taxing, a divorce can be handled with poise, grace, level-headedness, and collaboration. There are legal and social supports to make this possible. Unfortunately, however, no amount of counsel and facilitation will make a smooth divorce for some separating couples.

Instead of solutions-based thinking that is required for a successful divorce settlement in all of its facilitated forms, some people are heavily focused on issues and are willing to spend big bucks just to not work together. Does collaboration sound like a far-fetched idea for you and your ex? Read on to learn more about legal facilitators in New Jersey that support a less conflict-ridden divorce process, as well as things to keep in mind and prepare for if your ex is going to try to drag you through the mud throughout the divorce process.

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Divorcing and Tensions are High? – Legal Supports Available

One helpful support for a divorce is mediation. Contrary to popular belief, divorce mediation is not a facilitated attempt at saving the marriage. It is a facilitated divorce process with a 3rd party mediator. This neutral party helps the couple work together to find solutions for their separation including fair distribution of assets, spousal support agreements, and child custody agreements. Mediation is not legally binding, meaning that it is essential that the couple is focused on amicably dissolving the marriage as promptly and fairly as possible.

Arbitration is a legally binding alternative to mediation. In this process, a third-party arbitrator walks the couple through a specific procedure for coming to a divorce agreement and makes a final judgment that is legally binding in the New Jersey Superior Court system. There are two types of arbitration: binding and non-binding. In binding arbitration, the couple must honor the determination the arbitrator comes to; in non-binding arbitration, which is less formal, an unsatisfied ex can appeal the determination of the arbitrator with the Superior Court. In either case, while arbitration is a more strictly formulated process for arriving at a divorce settlement, the couple still settles.

When it is unlikely or impossible that a member of the divorcing couple is going to agree to a settlement because at least one of them is focused on problems rather than solutions, litigation is the likely out-route for the divorce. In this case, it’s important to prepare to protect yourself emotionally and financially against their likely wrath.

Litigation when there is no other option for your divorce

Litigation is the last route for divorce. When a couple is unable to settle out of court, the case goes to the New Jersey Superior Court: Family Part for litigation. This process can be lengthy and costly, because, at this point, one or both divorcing people have shown that they are not interested in collaboration and are often actually working in the exact opposite direction. Litigation can accomplish your goals and it may be the only option in some cases. But if you proceed with this route, you want to make sure to have a highly experienced, aggressive divorce lawyer fighting for you.

How to Navigate an Uncooperative or Downright Nasty Ex in the Divorce Process in NJ

High Conflict Divorce AttorneyWhen it comes to a high-conflict spouse (and therefore a high-conflict divorce), there are a few things to keep in mind that will keep you psychologically sane and financially in your lane. The first is an unfortunate truth: rationality just simply doesn’t work. Though there are very specific steps to take to settle a divorce, a high-conflict ex will shell out all they’ve got to not engage in that process with you. If they’ve got a personality disorder such as narcissism, there is even less chance that you’ll be able to settle linearly and collaboratively. Protect yourself. Create solid boundaries of communication and energetic encroachment: mind the amount of time you spend looking at their messages, as that can send you in an emotional tailspin even if you don’t engage with them; use your powers of emotional intelligence to remain neutral and not escalate an argument under any circumstance. If you can tell you’re headed for litigation because of the way your ex is approaching attempts to settle out of court, save your money for the trial. Stay in your lane, mind your psychological health and your own transition to your new life, and hire a skilled divorce attorney to be on your side all the way.

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You do not have to know it and handle it all, you can rely on the support of a professional and well-qualified divorce attorney to present the variety of options when dealing with a high conflict divorce. There are some methods you can implement to ease your anxiety when things seem to go the wrong way.

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