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How to Prepare for Your NJ Divorce Mediation Session

Divorce Mediation Lawyer While New Jersey citizens typically have four general divorce options: Do-It-Yourself, Mediated, Collaborative, and Litigated, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools are being used now more than ever. Mediation has grown in the divorce and family law realm, providing many benefits to divorcing couples and those with custody and other types of issues. When undergoing the process of divorce, the assistance of a mediator may offer a more reasonable way to close your case in a manner ultimately considered favorable to all parties involved.

Divorce litigation and civil union dissolution can be emotionally challenging and financially complicated matters, and as civil trials and family court matters are often taking an extended period of time to resolve, The Law Offices of Edward S. Cooper, Esq. supports clients across Clark, Roselle, Roselle Park, Garwood, Elizabeth, and throughout Union County, Essex County, and northern Middlesex County in navigating and exploring different options in all mediation and divorce proceedings.

Mediation is a low-cost, private, and often quicker negotiation-based option that provides a fresh set of eyes, and helps both parties to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position. If you are dealing with particularly emotional issues related to your divorce or child custody situation, and you need an objective and cost-effective solution, consult an experienced New Jersey divorce mediation lawyer at our firm who can help you determine if mediation is right for you.

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What Topics Are Usually Discussed in the First Mediation Session in Edison NJ?

In the first mediation session(s) you can expect to discuss:

What Are the Commonly Requested Pieces of Information in Divorce Mediation in New Jersey?

What Are the Commonly Requested Pieces of Information in NJ Divorce Mediation?Preparation and organization are essential to giving yourself a head-start on the mediation process and help facilitate an expedient and favorable solution. Proactively locating financial, personal, and medical details will provide your lawyer with an accurate portrait of your life, and ultimately, lay a foundation by which to craft a solution tailed for your future and that of your children.

Generally speaking, it’s recommended that you identify and obtain as many as possible of the documents that apply to your situation as possible. Waiting could present difficulties as your soon-to-be-ex may relocate or hide them and not provide you with a copy for your own records.

The five (5) basic categories or types of documentation you can expect to bring with you and discuss with your lawyer, allow you to begin positioning yourself for an equitable and fair dissolution. They are among others:

  • personal identification – birth certificates, citizenship or naturalization paperwork, social security cards, driver’s license
  • financial – tax returns, bank accounts, income verification, investment accounts, debt or loan documents, credit card statements, childcare expenses, 401K, inheritances or trusts, etc
  • assets/property – mortgage agreements, rental agreements, investment properties, personal property, marital assets, art, jewelry, etc
  • insurance – life, medical, advanced directives, car, homeowner and renter, living wills, powers of attorney
  • relationship-related – marriage agreements, cohabitation agreements, restraining orders, correspondence from your spouse’s attorney

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If you are considering an alternative to the court-based litigation process for handling your divorce or family law matter in New Jersey, mediation may be the best way to go as it is often less expensive and less time-consuming.

At The Law Offices of Edward S. Cooper, Esq. our goal is to support you through whichever option you choose and to provide the best support and legal services available to fit your needs. Enlisting our services means that you can count on the open-ended communication and personalized service that our firm never fails to provide to clients in Carteret, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, Hillside, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Berkeley Heights, Summit, and other places near our local office in Central New Jersey.

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