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Child Support

Under New Jersey Law, both parents of a child are required to contribute monetarily to the support of their children. This system, known as the “Income Shares Model,” is governed by a complex set of calculations and proportional estimates that are used to determine the amount to be paid by each parent. In order to understand the resources used to make these decisions, the obligations associated with these payments, and the mechanisms for enforcing child support arrangements, it is critical to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Attorney Edward S. Cooper has guided countless clients through divorce and post-divorce proceedings in his nearly 25 years in practice as a New Jersey family law attorney. His experience with a vast array of child custody and support issues allows him to provide the best possible representation to his clients as they seek to ensure that their children have the lives they deserve. To discuss your unique needs and situation with Mr. Cooper, contact him at 908-481-4625. Initial consultations are always provided.

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New Jersey outlines the formula used to determine the majority of child support allocations in Court Rule 5:6A and Appendix IX, known as the Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines were established under the following presumptions: (1) child support is a continuous duty of both parents, (2) children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents, and (3) children should not be the economic victims of divorce or out-of-wedlock birth.

The primary factors used in child support calculations under these guidelines are the respective incomes of the parents and the amount of time that the child will spends with each parent. Essentially, the child support valuation is based on the combined net income of both parents, accounting for the gross income of each parent minus allowable deductions, the child custody arrangement, and the three distinct categories of expenses that are addressed in these situations.

The three types of expenses considered in child support valuations are:

  • Fixed expenses: costs that are incurred when the child is not present, such as housing costs (including rent and mortgage payments), utilities, and costs of furnishings and household items.
  • Variable expenses: costs that are incurred when the child is with the parent, such as costs for transportation, food, and entertainment. These costs are incurred at the discretion of the parent and may vary based on the specific circumstances.
  • Controlled expenses: costs controlled by the child’s primary caregiver, including clothing, personal items, and miscellaneous expenses.

New Jersey Child Support Determinations

The child custody arrangement then determines the calculation worksheet that will be used, and further, the expense categories that are considered. The Sole Parenting Worksheet is typically used in cases in which the child spends two or fewer overnights per week with one parent. These calculations account for the noncustodial parent’s variable expenses during visitation periods.The Shared Parenting Worksheet is used in cases in which the child spends more than two overnights per week with each parent. These calculations include both variable and fixed expenses.

Notably, there are certain cases in which the aforementioned formulas are insufficient. In these cases, State law, as well as applicable precedential cases, will be consulted to make an appropriate determination. With such serious long-term implications hanging in the balance, it is crucial to consult with an experienced child support attorney who can ensure that a reasonable and fair arrangement is reached.

For additional information pertaining to child support and enforcement in New Jersey, view the New Jersey Child Support Website provided by the Department of Human Services.

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