Things To Know About Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements in NJ

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Things To Know About Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements in NJWhether married or not, when a couple makes the difficult decision to separate or dissolve their civil union in New Jersey, the next thought often turns to formulate future child custody arrangements. Every custody plan should be crafted to include practical and reasonable elements unique to each family’s particular circumstances, and parenting time and visitation specifics centered on the child’s best interest.

Child custody, as outlined by New Jersey Superior Court and Family Part, generally consists of two parts: physical custody (i.e., where the child will live) and legal custody (i.e., which parent will have decision-making rights that affect the child). New Jersey Courts consider both parents equal in regards to their custody rights and responsibility for their child’s, and thus generally favors joint legal and physical custody arrangements between the parents. As we previously discussed in “Common Child Custody Arrangements in New Jersey,” a vast majority of child custody agreements allow both parents to have joint or a 50/50 custody arrangement unless one parent has been found to be unfit or has voluntarily waived/terminated their parental right to legal custody.

Child custody issues can be emotionally difficult, and our child custody lawyer Attorney Edward S. Cooper, Esq. has been helping clients and their families in and around Union County to reach effective resolutions in divorce proceedings for nearly 25 years. He is committed to working with you to identify your needs, help you understand your options, and reduce your anxiety throughout this process. He is passionate about client service, immediate follow-up, and providing you with all of the information you need to make thoughtful decisions to protect the best interests of your family. To discuss your case with Mr. Cooper today, contact him online or at (908) 481-4625.

How do I Determine Which Custody Arrangement is Best for My Family?

Developing your parenting time agreement and crafting a healthy child custody arrangement can be stressful, as you want to do what is best for your child while also honoring your own personal and professional needs as you move forward with your life after divorce. Various factors to consider among others are:

  • work-related schedules
  • weekend commitments
  • childcare needs
  • special medical needs
  • extracurricular activities (i.e., sports, music, clubs)
  • extended family members and community support system (if any)
  • travel and vacation options

Creating Healthy Child Custody Options and Arrangements in NJ

Creating Healthy Child Custody Options and Arrangements in NJTraditional shared custody arrangements often force children to uproot themselves and fit into two lives, which can adversely affect the development of a healthy sense of self.

Even in a conscious decoupling where co-parents mindfully remain neutral with their children and seek support for their own mental, emotional, physical, and financial stress, children can still feel the destabilizing effects of separation by being shuffled from one home to another.

Multiple studies show that children who spend at least a third of their time with both divorced parents fare better psychologically, emotionally, socially, and academically, and are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol or suffer from depression and anxiety.

Priority Number 1: Your Child, Their Safety, & Their Emotional Well-being

When it comes to an ex who also happens to be a co-parent, it can be hard to rise above petty arguments, power grabs, and personal slights. Co-parents often have different philosophies about the best way to raise their child, often based on aspects of their own upbringing. Parenting time agreements developed with the support of a compassionate New Jersey family law attorney and the court can help to ensure that the crafting of the custody arrangement, keeps the child’s wellbeing front and center during the separation process and later into their separated life.

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