Advantages of Being the First to File for Divorce in Union County NJ

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The Advantages of Being the First to File for DivorceOften towards the end of a marriage, both spouses will have the sense that the relationship may be untenable, but they are hesitant to be the first one to speak with a divorce attorney about their options. One very commonly asked question of Union County divorce lawyers is whether or not being the first to file for divorce has legal advantages or disadvantages.

Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or you’ve only been together for two, it’s possible that you may be considering divorce. Marriages choose to divorce for a variety of reasons, including money issues, infidelity, parenting disagreements, or lack of compatibility. Time passes by and circumstances may change, sometimes for good, but unfortunately some times for bad. If you and your partner are struggling to get along and you’ve been thinking about divorce, but none of you have taken the first step. While you don’t want to prematurely end a relationship, the fact of the matter is that being the first to file for divorce does offer certain advantages. Call (908) 481-4625 for an initial consultation. Let’s take a look.

Being Better Prepared for Your Union County Divorce

If you file for divorce, this means that you have already consulted with a divorce attorney, and gathered and processed all the documents necessary to prepare the divorce process. All of this takes time and effort, and being a step ahead can give you an advantage when it comes time to negotiate things like alimony, child support, child custody, and division of assets.

Additionally, many people are choosing to consult with financial planners during the divorce process in order to gain a better understanding of their current and future financial responsibilities. It, of course, takes time to meet with and find the right planner and lawyer, and the sooner you start this process the sooner you can begin tackling the many varied issues related to your divorce.

Planning Financially for Divorce with a Linden Family Lawyer

Another advantage of being the first to file for divorce is being able to be prepared financially. Having savings set aside for legal costs is important, and can help you at the negotiating table.

You may also want to file an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO). An ATRO is not used in cases of physical violence, but rather is a hold put onto financial movement in joint accounts. This will help present an accurate snapshot of the marriage’s finances at the time of the divorce, and prevent spouses from withdrawing or borrowing from joint accounts, or changing the terms of retirement and insurance policies, and different investments you may have.

Jurisdictional Advantages in Union County Family Court

Divorces are usually decided in the county court where they are filed. Depending on the living arrangements you have with your spouse, you may be living in separate states, and as such, you may favor filing for divorce in one state over the other if there are certain legal benefits to doing so. There are also differences in the way judges work, and speaking with a divorce lawyer familiar with the different municipalities in your area may yield small advantages.

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