Should I hire an attorney for any municipal court related matter?

Experienced attorney Edward S. Cooper ESQ discusses municipal court matters and when it is important to retain counsel to protect you and your rights.

Under what circumstance should I hire a municipal court attorney to represent me?

My answer is, it depends. If you have a simple speeding violation, let´s say a two-point violation may not be necessary to hire an attorney for something like that. However, if you are facing more serious violations, such as speeding or it is five points or reckless driving, I would highly recommend that you retain an attorney and the attorney can obtain the discovery and speak with the prosecutor on these kinds of facts.

In addition, there are other serious matters such as assault, harassment, criminal charges, DWI those are much more complicated cases. I would recommend that you at least consult with an attorney and seriously retain an attorney in those types of cases as they are much more complicated than a simple speeding ticket.

So, if you want to discuss it further like those issues regarding assault, harassment or DWI please contact my office.

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