Restraining Orders During COVID – Union County Domestic Violence Attorney Here to Help

Filing a Restraining Order In New Jersey Courts in 2021

Restraining Orders During COVID - Union County Domestic Violence Attorney Here to HelpHaving access to vital information and learning about domestic violence victims’ resources can reach out to is vital data you can have handy in 2021. Staying safe during the winter season and any other time of the year while getting out is now possible.

Unfortunately, domestic violence cases have been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic began, pushing victims of abuse to remain isolated for even longer periods.

Compared to the months before the pandemic, domestic violence rates have spiked in New Jersey, after almost 12 months since Covid-19 forced us to go into isolation and having to comply with massive lock-down orders and forced closures.

Weather-related situations like winter storm Orelena forced business, clinics, school, and restaurant closures, forcing many of us to face extreme cold while staying inside even longer. Last February 5th, a modest economic report on job status highlights the tension and stress these unpredictable Covid times have brought to our lives. Even the Super Bowl was thought to work as a trigger for increased violence due to drinking and gambling, accompanied by other potentially dangerous behaviors.

Nevertheless, any victim or witness to abuse should keep in mind that help is always available, especially considering the difficult wide-spread challneges the world is facing.

How To Get A Restraining Order in New Jersey in 2021?

In a domestic violence scenario, obtaining a temporary restraining order is the primary legal safety tool for any victim.

A TRO or Temporary Restraining Order is a vital protection instrument for domestic abuse victims. Restriction orders are a precaution granted to domestic violence victims from eventual domestic violence scenarios.

Having a TRO on file, the abuser is not allowed to contact you in any way, therefore granting you safety and a chance to improve your situation, including keeping the offender away from your dwelling or place of employment.

How To Obtain a TRO During Closings Caused By Winter Storms And/Or Covid-19 in 2021?

Courts have published the following information to help victims obtain a TRO considering Covid-19 provisions and lock-downs.

How To Obtain a TRO During Closings Caused By Winter Storms And/Or Covid-19 in 2021?Some NJ courthouses are still only functioning in a remote model due to Covid-19 restrictions, although still having the ability to provide in-person services. Courts have assembled lists of TRO phone numbers per county, advising where to call to gather available court information and instructions to request a TRO. Once you call, you must inform you want to file for a TRO and advise what else must be done. As far as choosing the court you should call, you have multiple choices for where to request a temporary restraining order. You can go to the county where you reside, where the defendant, where the act of violence happened, or in the county where you are temporarily residing (shelter, relatives, or next of kin’s residence). Any person who is interested in applying for a restraining order remotely, not approaching a courthouse in person, can actually call the county’s Family Division Court to get started with the process during regular court hours.

During court after hours, weekends, and holidays, victims can also get in contact or visit their local law enforcement precinct to request a TRO. Police stations have the forms that need to be filled out and set up a conference video or phone call and have whoever is the on-call municipal court judge participate in issuing the TRO. If you also need accessing a temporary safe house shelter or applying other forms of support, you may search for additional links and resource descriptions available at our blog and other legal aid hotlines.

Immediate Help Resources

Please keep in mind that if you are witnessing or experiencing a domestic violence emergency, you should immediately call 911 or your local police office phone number.

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