Plainfield Residents Arrested on Drugs and Weapons Charges

Multiple Plainfield residents were arrested this weekend on drug and weapons charges after the completion of two ongoing investigations.

Authorities announced that Plainfield resident Donte Thompson was the subject of an ongoing investigation that ultimately resulted in the raiding of his Clinton Avenue residency on Saturday. During the weekend raid, police confiscated the following narcotics: 146 bags of solid cocaine, a quarter ounce of loose cocaine, and an undisclosed amount of marijuana. In addition to the drugs found on the premise, Plainfield Police also confiscated a loaded thirty-two caliber handgun, $4,700 in cash, and two automobiles. At the time of his arrest Donte Thompson was facing three charges including possession of a handgun during a drug scheme, unlawful possession of a handgun, and multiple drug charges.

In addition to Saturday’s arrest of Thompson, a separate ongoing investigation in Elizabeth and Linden also resulted in the arrest of three additional Plainfield residents this weekend. A Sunday morning raid by local authorities resulted in Plainfield’s Zarif Harden, Nickoy Senior, and Pierre Foxworth being placed in custody. Following a raid of 1003 Park Avenue police confiscated LSD, over 600 Xanax pills, and 135 grams of marijuana and drug packaging materials. In addition to the narcotics found on scene, police also discovered a nine-millimeter pistol and a revolver. Officials reported that both weapons found were loaded. As a result of the raid Zarif Harden, Nickoy Senior, and Pierre Foxworth are being charged with various narcotics charges, unlawful possession of a handgun, and unlawful possession of a handgun during a drug scheme.

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