Parenting Time and Visitation in Child Custody Agreements Union County, NJ

Westfield NJ Child Custody LawyersChild custody agreements are not nearly as simple as one might imagine. There are complicating factors including residential custody, legal custody, as well as parenting time and visitation. The latter is something which many co-parents might overlook without consulting with a qualified family law attorney. Parenting time may also have a material impact on other legal considerations including child support. It is important to understand how child custody agreements may be written to include ample parenting time for both parents while maintaining an ideal schedule for the child involved.

Today, our child custody attorneys will define parenting time and visitation, visitation schedules, and review the rights and responsibilities of co-parents in New Jersey.

Union County, NJ Parenting Time and Visitation Attorneys

There are three types of child custody agreements commonly reached by our Union child custody attorneys: sole physical custody, shared physical custody and joint physical custody (we will not be discussing legal child custody today). Joint custody agreements allow both parents equal custody of their child. However, for shared and sole custody arrangements, the non-custodial parent may also be granted additional parenting time which is not considered “custodial” in nature.

This quality family time was previously known as visitation. The courts have since changed this term to parenting time as “visitation” implied that the parents were merely seeing their children rather than caring for them in a meaningful manner. Parenting time is also considered heavily when determining child support and other related issues. The primary legal difference between custodial parenting time and non-custodial parenting time is where a child spends his or her overnights.

Westfield Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Parenting Schedules

Your Westfield child custody lawyers may assist you and your co-parent to develop what is known as visitation and/or parenting schedule for your child. There are no guidelines that govern what is considered an acceptable vs. unacceptable parenting schedule, and each case will be determined individually. It is important to understand that New Jersey courts will take the best interests of the child into consideration above all else when determining fair and favorable child custody terms.

Common arrangements that have worked for parents in the past have included alternating weekends, every weekend with the non-custodial parent, weekends plus one night per week, and much more. As long as the co-parents are in agreement and the schedule suits the needs of the child, your parenting schedule will likely be viewed favorably by a judge.

There are also legal complexities that sometimes arise out of parenting time discussions such as when a non-custodial parent has a criminal background, substance abuse issues, history of domestic violence, etc. In these situations, it may be possible to seek supervised parenting time. A publicly appointed social worker from the New Jersey Supervised Visitation Program will monitor the parenting time between the co-parent and child as deemed necessary. This may benefit the child as well as both co-parents.

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