Options to Consider before Filing for Divorce in NJ without Legal Representation

Options to Consider before Filing for Divorce in NJ without Legal Representation

While the procedure of getting a divorce is emotionally challenging, the splitting of assets that comes with the procedure often times plays a part in making it expensive for the parties involved. For this reason, among many others, couples may seek divorce without legal representation of any kind.

Although this is possible, but it does not make the procedure anymore easy. Even if you do file for a divorce without hiring an attorney or any legal representation, there are still a number of options that should be taken into consideration before commencing a divorce on your own.

What Makes You Eligible to File for Divorce Free of Legal Representation?

In many states, people are under the impression that filing for a divorce on your own is an easy and inexpensive option due to the fact that additional fees, such as the fee to hire an attorney or the court’s fee, doesn’t apply. However, it is a lot more complicated than that.

Here are some things you should consider before you make the decision to file for divorce on your own:

  • You have all the monetary information and documentation regarding debts, expenses, incomes and family assets of you and your spouse, and are satisfied with the information
  • You and your spouse are not filled with hatred against each other and are conducting the divorce in a civilized manner
  • You and your spouse have reached a mutual agreement regarding the matter of who will be the custodial parent of the children, as well as child support and visitation rights
  • Child support, custody, division of assets, and alimony has been thoroughly discussed between you and your spouse, and you have reached a mutual agreement regarding who gets what

Mediation is Necessary

In New Jersey courts, two spouses seeking divorce without legal representation might have agreed to everything and may still face a few issues, such as with child support money or visitation hours, which they disagree on. Under these circumstances, the best bet would be to go over the issues or hire a counselor or a divorce mediator to help you out in this case. A mediated divorce will help you save a lot of money.

Even if you and your spouse are in harmony regarding the divorce, it is still advisable that you show the legal documentation to a professional attorney to get an expert opinion before finalizing everything.

In Complicated Situations

In many cases, some couples find it absolutely impossible to converse or reach a sensible decision while keeping their emotions aside. If despite all your best efforts, you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement regarding the divorce, it is best that you hire an attorney and take the matter to court to have a fair separation of assets.

Hire a Professional or Get Professional Guidance

Whether you want to hire an attorney, who is skilled in dealing with divorce, or you would like to get the opinion of one without paying a large fee, the Law Offices of Edward S. Cooper would be pleased to help you out. For further details, contact us here.