New Jersey E-ZPass Violations: Those Charges Can Add Up

Though your car’s E-ZPass is intended to be a device to save you time while commuting, it may not be the same in terms of money or other penalties if you don’t pay attention to your receipts.

New Jersey EZ Pass Violations: Those Charges Can Add UpNew Jersey uses E-ZPass, an electronic toll collection system. E‑ZPass tags communicate with reader equipment built into lanes where tolls are set up.  The purpose of their creation was to no longer expose toll booth workers to the elements, noise pollution, and air pollution given off by car exhaust. If you have an E-ZPass tag, tolls are deducted from your prepaid account when you drive through the toll lane.

Each car has a transponder that can be attached to the windshield or the license plate.  For motorcycles, the rider can place the transponder box in a shirt or jacket pocket, given that the space on the windshield is limited. When you drive through a toll area at no more than 15 mph, the toll is deducted from a prepaid balance related to that responder.

How Do I Know I Have A Violation in NJ?

Several weeks after the infraction, you will receive a statement in the mail detailing your violation.  It will come with a photo of your car and the tag number.  You will also be given the exact place, date, and time the infraction happened.

What Is The Fine For Not Paying The Violations?

Honestly, it depends where you get the violation.  The Atlantic City Expressway runs from $55 to $112, The Garden State Parkway goes from $55 to $106, while the Turnpike goes from $55 to $106. It is an extremely bad idea just to let those violations sit because administrative fees will be added, and soon a $100 charge becomes a $1,000 one.

Can You Go To Jail For Non-Payment of Tolls or E-ZPass in Union County NJ?

The state of New Jersey groups failing to pay tolls under “failure to pay services,” which should be paid for to obtain.  Services such as water, gas, cable, or other public services along with private ones such as hotels, motels, restaurants, salons, and others are included as well.

Failure to pay fines can lead to a sentence of restitution of a minimum of $500 per offense.  Restitution includes repairing or replacing any equipment, payment of the services used but not paid, investigation costs, and lawyer fees. Repeated skipped tolls can become very expensive and even be placed on your criminal record.  If you receive a notification of a violation, the one thing you do not want to do is ignore it.

The consecutive failing to pay E-ZPAss may lead to criminal charges for theft of services, high-amount fines, and even imprisonment. So, do not ignore your email notifications from the Garden State Parkway or NJ Turnpike, and pay those tickets to avoid spending time and money fighting against the mentioned consequences.

How Can I Dispute an E-ZPass violation in the State of New Jersey?

If you have never had a violation before, call the place for dealing with violations over the phone at 1-973-368-1425 and see if they will waive your $50 administration charge.  If you go to the E-Z Pass website, you can go to “view violation,” which will pull up the infraction.  You have the opportunity to pay it or submit a dispute.

From the NJ E-ZPass website, there is a place to type your violation number and the number that is on your license plate. Also, you can manage your violations by logging in to your individual account.

Some people prefer to deal with these things on paper.  You can mail details about the violation and your dispute in a formal letter, especially if you have more than one wrong toll reading. Write a special letter on paper explaining the incident, providing all of the details, and scanned photos that enrich your complaint. It is a good idea to make copies of everything you send just in case. The mailing address can be found online.

Other suggestions include reading your violation notice carefully. Violation notices are sent out automatically, and perhaps you received the notice by mistake. It could take several weeks for you to get the notice, and as they are sent using an automated system, you may have been sent one by mistake.  Be sure to ensure that the automobile (make and model) and the number on the license plate in the picture are yours.

EZ Pass and Traffic Violation Attorney in Linden, NJYou should also identify the specific violation by going over your itemized statement.  A statement is sent to you monthly for the first six months and every other month after that.  Always review your statement every time you receive one.  If the violation came from a toll you know you had not gone through (let’s say you were on vacation), you should dispute it immediately.  Sometimes the E-ZPass didn’t read your tag or misread a tag that was poorly installed. Also, if you switched your tag to another car without updating your account, it could cause a violation.

Finally, check your account status.  Perhaps you were charged for not having funds, or you were double charged before having the opportunity to put more money there.  Contact E-ZPass Service Center at 1-888-288-6865 to make sure your account is viable.

Finding the Best Defense Lawyer to Handle E-ZPAss Related Offenses in Elizabeth, Mountainside, Plainfield, Cranford, Rahway, and Union County towns

If you have E-ZPass violations that you know are a mistake, have received traffic violations for speeding through or near a tollbooth, are facing penalties for a DWI or DUI , or are worried about being charged criminally with theft or another offense, you need a lawyer today.  Whether to dispute your toll violations or to request a lesser amount in fees, experienced New Jersey Attorney Edward S. Cooper knows how to get things done.

You don’t want to spend sleepless nights worrying about the possibility of going to jail because you have unpaid E-ZPass violations or other allegations involving driving on the highways of NJ.  It can be a scary and stressful time when you don’t know what your options are. Edward Cooper can offer you a guiding hand and will treat your case as a priority. If you are looking for legal help with a case in Roselle Park, Westfield, Rahway, Hillside, Springfield, Garwood, Elizabeth, or another town in Middlesex or Union County, contact us to provide the proper guidance on how to proceed with your E-ZPass case.

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