New Jersey Courts COVID-19 Jury Duty Updates & Emergency In Person Services

Jurors are an essential part of our American criminal justice system and participating in our judicial system is not only an honor but also one of our civic duties.

New Jersey Courts COVID-19 Jury Duty Updates & Emergency In Person ServicesEven though juror duty may be inconvenient, participating in the jury process is essential to assure each criminal defendant is guaranteed the right to trial by a “jury of their peers.” Fortunately, the current corona pandemic guidelines have made serving on a jury even easier in helping to ensure that for cases that need to go to trial, that a fair cross-section of our fellow state citizens will be available to hear the evidence, determine the facts and render a fair and impartial verdict.

Federal Court Trials in New Jersey

ALL civil and criminal jury selections and jury trials have been postponed until Friday, March 12, 2021.

ALL in-person judicial proceedings for civil as well as criminal cases have been suspended through Friday, March 12, 2021.

New Jersey State and Local Court Trials

Although New Jersey Superior and Municipal Courts have resumed a few in-person court services, ALL jury selections and jury trials are now FULLY VIRTUAL until further notice.

Jury Trials

  • All jurors summoned for February, March, and April will serve COMPLETELY VIRTUALLY.
  • Selections for new in-person jury trials are suspended pending further order.

Grand Juries

  • In-person grand jury sessions are suspended until further notice.
  • Existing virtual grand jury panels will continue to convene in a virtual format only.
  • Grand jury panels that previously met in person may be converted to meet virtually.
  • Selections of new grand jury panels will continue in a virtual format only.

State Grand Juries

  • If you have been summoned for state grand jury service in Trenton, click here to view this message.
  • IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL that you must report virtually, please click the link in your email to complete the supplemental questionnaire.

If you have additional questions, please contact your jury management office for more information.

New Technology Tools for Serving Virtual Jury Duty

The New Jersey State Judiciary will provide a Samsung Galaxy tablet or similar device (with Broadband as necessary) to summoned jurors during the selection process and to all empaneled jurors who require technology to participate in the virtual selection or virtual trials. Jurors will also be allowed to use their own technology, as appropriate, if they prefer.

The judge will provide an enhanced jury charge, which emphasizes the need for jurors to give their full attention to the trial and to maintain secrecy, and jurors may be required to scan the room with their tablet or electronic device to show that they are alone and to affirm compliance with the existing policy that prohibits the use of other electronic devices during a trial (subject to necessary modifications for emergencies.

In addition, before juror orientation and selection, there will be an onboarding process where empaneled jurors will receive instructions on using technology and informing the judge if they experience technical problems. Should technical issues arise, there are designated Judiciary staff responsible for monitoring and addressing technical issues. Furthermore, jurors will be able to contact staff by phone or email if necessary.

How to Get Immediate In-Person Support in Emergent Matters

Contact a Union County, NJ Family Lawyer for Immediate AssistanceEmergent matters with in-person support include, but is not limited to:

  • Domestic violence temporary restraining order (TROs) applications,
  • Applications to prevent an illegal lockout from a landlord,
  • Orders to Show Cause which seek to prevent immediate and irreparable harm, initiated by court users without the ability to participate virtually or remotely,
  • Critical New Jersey State functions that cannot be conducted remotely.

If you have any questions about filing emergent applications, scheduled hearings, motions, conferences, or any other matter, consult an experienced attorney who can help you navigate what could potentially be a complicated, time-consuming, and extremely overwhelming legal labyrinth.

Contact a Union County, NJ Family Lawyer for Immediate Assistance

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