Modify Your Summer 2021 Co-Parenting Plans & Restore COVID-Related Lost Parenting Time

We know multiple factors influence child custody decisions. Still, we also know it is important to remember that child custody arrangements may require modification over time as circumstances evolve, particularly in extraordinary circumstances.

Modify Your NJ Summer 2021 Co-Parenting Plans & Restore COVID Related Lost Parenting TimeIt’s quite likely over the past year, COVID-19 has significantly impacted your parenting time schedule to the point where now it’s time to sit down with an experienced child custody attorney to assess any time you may have missed out on and explore creating a plan that works for you, your child, and your co-parent, this summer and beyond.

With Summer in progress and many holiday attractions and vacation opportunities open again for the public, many co-parents who spent the past year modifying their visitation schedules around COVID restrictions and shelter-in-place guidelines may find themselves entering full-fledged summer planning mode. These challenges among others may require them to be even more patient as they try to recoup lost time and manage in-person visitation orders, in addition to managing the logistical nightmare of coordinating schedules while trying to keep travel costs reasonable.

Without a doubt, the corona pandemic presented a completely new set of parenting time, custody, and child support issues due to the economic impact on companies and individuals alike. When you felt like you had a routine for your “new normal,” the summer holidays seem to have snuck up on you. As co-parents, you want to ensure you do what’s in your child’s best interest and help them return to a sense of normalcy without the havoc of the adults in their lives.

Summertime is more complex for co-parents or divorcing parents going back to work, as their employment expectations may conflict with the reality of needing childcare or supervision that keeps their kids active while school is out. While there may be issues regarding trying to get your co-parent to comply with a custody arrangement or visitation order, hopefully, opening up discussions with your co-parent on this topic can be the first step.

If you are committed to supporting your child, now is the time to revisit your existing or COVID modified child custody agreement and work with your co-parent to ensure there is a balance between, not only the child’s best interest, but that any conflicts each of you may be experiencing with work, health or other matters in your current life situation – will have a minimal impact on your child.

Prioritize Positive Communication Strategies with Your Co-Parent in Elizabeth, NJ

Prioritize Positive Communication Strategies with Your Co-Parent in Elizabeth, NJAs co-parents, the goal is to raise healthy and happy children together. It may be challenging to maintain a positive basis for communication with your ex, but keeping a business-like professional tone can help keep any strong emotions that do not relate to your child’s needs or best interest out of the conversation. It can also prevent surprises. By observing healthy and cooperative interactions, your child will more likely feel mentally and emotionally secure, learn problem-solving techniques, and benefit from the consistency of knowing although separated; their parents work as a team.  This strategy will more likely help your child build and maintain strong relationships in their adulthood in the long run.

Putting Your Child, Their Safety, & Their Emotional Well-being First in Summit, NJ

The pandemic has significantly changed everyone’s life and the psychological safety of planning life events. The stress of recent life uncertainties, and fear of parental alienation, may make it difficult to look past personal slights, petty behavior, and what might seem like a power grab unless you seek the opportunities to transform this current summer holiday into a major benefit for your child.

If your current parenting time agreement does not enable you to go to work or provide care and earn an income, it may be time to speak to your ex-spouse about adjustments to your parenting time schedules. By working with a compassionate and experienced NJ child custody attorney, you can draft temporary child custody modifications and discuss these options with your co-parent before submitting them to the court for approval.

It could be that the solutions you both draft build a foundation of greater trust with your ex-spouse, and you both can better support each other in ways that were not possible while previously married.

Recouping Parenting Time Due to NJ COVID Restrictions or Shelter-in-place Orders

So while it is highly likely that you missed out on or lost certain aspects of your court-ordered visitation or were limited to virtual visits, you have avenues you can pursue. Now would be a great opportunity to discuss your rights and options with a child custody lawyer, who can help minimize confusion or frustration that may accompany planning with an ex-partner.

Maybe there are modifications from a previous period that need to be undone or updated. Have there been changes to either you or your co-parent’s living situation or housing accommodations that prevent or limits extended Recouping Parenting Time Due to NJ COVID Restrictions or Shelter-in-place Ordersvisitation or overnight visits?

If you swapped your Spring Break visitation for the Summer holiday, and you need help enforcing this previously agreed modification to the child visitation order, it would be in your best interest to sit down with a uniquely qualified family lawyer who can help you handle your case properly, so both parties can explore creative solutions which benefit the child at present, and could revert to the previous schedule once school resumes.

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We know multiple factors influence child custody decisions. Still, we also know it is important to remember that child custody arrangements may require modification over time as circumstances evolve.

Attorney Edward S. Cooper, Esq. will work closely with you and your family to find the right legal solution to best suit your particular needs, priorities, and circumstances. Whether you can resolve your disputes outside of court or the route of litigation is the top way to reach the outcome you are seeking, we will tirelessly advocate on your behalf and protect your legal rights from start to finish.

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