Loss of Employment and Alimony Reductions

Union County NJ Alimony Modification and Loss of Employment AttorneyNew Jersey’s Alimony laws allow for changes to alimony and spousal support agreements when certain circumstances change significantly, and permanently.

One of these such changes is the loss of employment of the supporting party. Lawmakers understand the burdens any loss of job can place upon an individual, and as such allow these individuals to petition for a modification of their alimony agreement in just such a situation.

Filing for Alimony Modifications Union County NJ

Under the New Jersey alimony statute N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23, an individual and their Union County alimony attorney may petition for the modification of an alimony agreement in the case of loss of long-term employment, but only after ninety (90) days of unemployment.

However, the loss of employment does not necessarily guarantee a successful alimony modification. In order to convince a Union County alimony court that your request for an alimony modification is necessary to your financial future, you and your Linden alimony attorney must be able to show that the loss of your long-term employment has resulted in a significant change to your economic situation, that this change is not temporary, and that you taken the necessary steps to seek alternative means of employment.

Factors a Union County Alimony Modification Judge Will Consider

During your hearing for an alimony modification, the judge will consider a number of different factors relevant to you and your spouse’s situation. These factors include:

  • The reasons for the loss of employment
  • The health of the petitioning party and their ability to secure another job
  • The efforts made by the petitioning party to find another job in their field of work
  • Whether the petitioner is making a reasonable effort in good faith to find another job
  • The income of the party receiving alimony, and their capacity to support themselves in light of the changed circumstance
  • Whether the petitioning party received a severance package
  • The extent of the financial difficulties caused by the loss of employment to both parties
  • Any other factors the court may deem relevant.

As with any divorce matter with such long-term financial impacts, it is important that you retain the legal counsel experienced Union County alimony attorney during this process. Your Linden alimony attorney can help you present the necessary evidence and testimony to the courts documenting the full extent of the impact your loss of employment has on your finances, and the necessity of modifying your alimony agreement based on these circumstances.

Resolving a Union County Alimony Modification Claim

If you and your Westfield alimony modification lawyer are successful in demonstrating the necessity of your alimony modification petition, several outcomes are possible. The courts may decide to order a temporary alimony modification while you search for new employment, they may order a permanent alimony reduction, or they may order you to pay alimony through other means such as the sale of certain assets. The court may also order a periodic review of your financial situation in order to monitor your ability to pay the newly agreed upon alimony settlement.

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