High School Basketball Star Meets Tragic End

Keywon Savage is a local Union County legend.  Not only did this 6 foot 3 inch Newark New Jersey born-man have some truly epic high-school basketball performances, he was also an extremely talented student.  Teachers, coaches, friends, and acquaintances all expected Savage to achieve great things.  Sadly, a string of poor decisions and unfortunate circumstances led to a series of convictions and eventually, Savage’s tragic death.

Some might say that this series of events began the night of February 19, 2014.  On that night, a group of three men including Savage, attacked a Union Township man shoveling snow in his driveway.  The group stole his money and car keys, then led police on a chase down Route 22.  All three men, including Savage, were caught and charged with robbery and resisting arrest.  Savage had turned 18 only two months earlier.

While Savage insisted that he never got out of the car to attack the man, the felony charges prevented Savage from being able to leave the state.  Where Savage’s phone used to ring nonstop with college basketball scouts, it was now silent.  A prospect who is limited to traveling only the state of New Jersey isn’t worth much.

Mr. Savage tried to keep his life together while the trial dragged on and his dreams of professional play slowly faded.  He got a job on a food delivery truck and acted at times as an assistant coach to his old highschool team.  Then, in January of 2015, Savage reportedly exchanged heated words with another player on the bench during a game.  Afterwards Savage punched said player and was subsequently banned from the school.

With his ties from competitive basketball almost completely severed, Savage’s life took a turn for the worse.  He began spending more and more time on the streets, quickly getting caught up in a life of violence and crime.  He was arrested in December of 2015 and indicted in 2016 for possession and distribution of both heroin and cocaine, according the the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

On Sunday December 4th 2016, Savage was found shot and killed on the 200 block street of South 11th Street, Newark.  It was the same spot that one of Savage’s best friends, Tyquan Rogers, was also found shot to death in December of 2015.  An anonymous Newark police officer was quoted as saying “We don’t have any good witnesses.  We don’t have any good information why [he was shot].  He got caught with his guard down out there.  A guy came up, he never saw it coming.”

Keywon Savage’s tragic story is one that we see repeated too often.  Young, talented individuals across the country are charged with one drug offense, and the consequences causes their life to fall apart, believing they have no options.  The Law Offices of Edward S. Cooper have been representing clients across Union County in both Municipal and Superior Courts for 26 years.  If you or someone you love are facing criminal charges related to weapons possession or drug offenses, contact us today for a consultation.