Healthy Divorce: Tips to Pivot An Emotionally Difficult Separation into a Positive One

Tips to Pivot An Emotionally Difficult Separation into a Positive & Mutually Beneficial Co-Parenting Relationship

Healthy Divorce: Tips to Pivot An Emotionally Difficult Separation into a Positive OneLove carries an element of risk. For many who make what they believe is an unbreakable marriage vow to love their partner “till death do you part,” they never expect to fail (i.e., divorce, separate, or even go so far as to annul the marriage), especially if their union produced children. Since “living together” is not synonymous with “marriage,” the end of a marriage can unleash a flood of emotions, including anger, grief, anxiety, and fear. In addition to a new reality of living apart from someone or a family you may still love, there is the extra chaos and potential nastiness when there are children deciding child custody and child support, dividing assets, businesses, and possible alimony and spousal support.

In the midst of all this, people often forget to be mindful of the divorce process and be kind to themselves. Researchers have found that people who are compassionate and kind to themselves find it somewhat easier to manage the day-to-day challenges of divorce. With tensions running high, talking to a therapist or other licensed professional before talking to your soon-to-be-ex can reduce potential conflict, benefit the overall cooperation and communicative process, and result in a more emotionally satisfying and healthier divorce for all parties involved. Divorce is life-changing, but your ability to transition through it can be a life-affirming and strategic gateway to a better future.

The complex divorce process in New Jersey is far less overwhelming with the help of a divorce attorney who can advocate on your behalf every step of the way. Attorney Edward S. Cooper has been helping clients and their families in and around Union County to reach effective resolutions in divorce proceedings for nearly 25 years. He is passionate about client service, immediate follow-up, and providing you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions. To discuss your case with Mr. Cooper, contact him online or at (908) 481-4625.

Cooperation, Communication & Mediation for a Positive, Strategic, & Future Focused NJ Divorce

The best possible outcomes for a divorce:

  • empowers you to forget and forgive
  • gives you the chance to create a positive future for yourself & any children you may share
  • equips both partners with tools to become better co-parents to provide a better future for your children

Divorce can be as traumatic an experience for your children like yourself, and children in high-conflict marriages may experience more problems when their parents maintain the same level of conflict versus if they were to dissolve their marital ties. Divorce mediation or arbitration is often an economically beneficial “alternative dispute resolution” to courtroom proceedings. This efficient, cost-effective, and peaceful scenario allows you to retain as much control over the process as possible and provides a platform whereby mutual respect is developed. Spouses may realize that they are better off being friends with their children’s best interests at heart than married.

Studies show that keeping communication lines open and any potential on-going parental conflict away from the kids decreases the possibility of children developing social and psychological problems. When parents actively engage in changing their life status and shifting out of unhappiness, and mindfully resetting into happiness, they can better realize their future life plans, hopes, dreams and keep their dignity intact.

Practice Self-Care Before, During, and After Your NJ Divorce

Practice Self-Care Before, During, and After Your NJ DivorceChanges brought on by separation or divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, meaning now more than ever, it’s important to practice self-care. As you evaluate areas for change, this may mean reaching out to your family and friends’ support network for assistance and comfort. Participating in formal support groups can also help you cope with the range of often unresolved emotions you may experiencing since the decline of your marriage.

Remember to stay positive as you write your new chapter since now may be the opportune time to get back into old hobbies you used to love but haven’t done in a while or try new activities. Most important as you support your mental health is staying physically active, eating right, and getting enough rest.

Overall, forgiving yourself and your ex-spouse enables you to be open to new opportunities and relationships and more empowered to live your best post-divorce life for yourself and your children.

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