Giants Kicker Accused of Domestic Violence

The New York football Giants kicker, Josh Brown, was released on Tuesday, October 25, in East Rutherford NJ, after accusations of domestic violence surfaced.

The kicker, 37, first came under scrutiny when emails, personal journals, and admission of guilt in counseling exercises surfaced of repeated offenses of abuse against his ex-wife, Molly Brown. These accusations were evidence from an arrest in May 2015 in King County Washington. Josh was arrested at his home in Washington State in 2015. His ex-wife handed over evidence to the King County’s Sherriff department accusing Brown of more than 20 incidences of abuse.

Although the charges were dropped 5 days after the Pro Bowler’s arrest, the NFL suspended Brown for one game for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Giant’s owner, John Mara, has received continuous criticism after admitting the team was aware of the abuse allegations and still signing brown to a two year, 4 million dollar deal last April. Mara, and the Giants, organization released a statement apologizing for their mishandling of the incident.

Commissioner Roger Goddell has been under major scrutiny regarding the League’s handling of domestic violence-related accusations, arrests, and convictions of both players and personnel in a number of NFL organizations. The number of reported domestic abuse-related incidents has increased across the League since February of 2014; which marks Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s arrest for his highly publicized and videotaped assault on wife, Janay Palmer. Goddell has placed brown on paid leave while the NFL investigates the incident further. Although unlikely, Brown is permitted to be signed by another team while on the reserve/commissioner exempt list.

New Jersey defines domestic violence as the occurrence of one or more criminal offenses upon a person protected under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1990. These criminal offenses include, but are not limited to: Homicide, Assault, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, harassment, and stalking.

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