Five Tips to Consider When Scheduling Vacation Time with the Children Post-Divorce

Five Tips to Consider When Scheduling Vacation Time with the Children Post-DivorceAfter a divorce, there is nothing more appealing than the thought of taking a nice vacation with your children. There are a number of factors that should be considered when you or the other party is planning a vacation. That is why in this article we are here to give you some advice about how to best go about the planning of your much-deserved vacation.

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Union County Attorneys Suggest Creating Your Own Parenting Plan Checklist

Preparation and planning with the consent of both parties is a fundamental element in creating an unforgettable vacation for your child. A parenting plan is a written article that frames how parents will raise their child after separation or divorce. You may find creating something like this useful when planning vacations as a divorced couple. This plan doesn’t have to use legal terms and is for the use of the parents to plan together to meet the needs of the child. It can include and is by no means limited to;

  • How decisions about the child are made (for example, jointly or individually but in consultation with the other parent)
  • How information is shared between parents
  • When each parent will spend time with the child
  • How other parenting issues may be addressed.

A parenting guide like this should clearly be focused on the interests and the needs of the child. It can also serve as a tool to reduce conflict between parents by setting out clear procedures and expectations. Research shows that children’s chances of managing successfully with their parents’ separation or divorce are improved if their parents limit conflict.

5 Useful Vacation Planning Tips from Linden NJ Divorce Lawyers

  1. Notifying the other party – It is essential to give as much notice as possible to the other parent. This, in turn, will reduce conflicts if both parties are aware of when and where the vacations are going to take place and if both sides need to attend or not.
  2. Itinerary details with contact – Providing all of the necessary details to the other parent will ensure that all parties feel safe and secure with the planned vacation. It should also be noted that international travel may involve an added level of approval, cooperation and consent from the non-traveling parent.
  3. An absence of conflict if both parents are vacationing together – While it is rare, some divorced parents will still vacation together with the children. While avoiding conflict is not always easy for either married or divorced parents, do your best to provide a positive experience for the children, present an amalgamated front where and when possible to bear a sense of normality.
  4. Communication – Communicating with the non-vacationing parent oftentimes takes on a greater level of importance during vacation, especially with potentially busy travel plans and distractions. Try to set aside a specific time when the children can speak to/video conference with the other parent every day so that they keep in touch as best as possible under the circumstances.
  5. Have fun! Vacations are intended to be fun and relaxing. In the days immediately prior to the vacation, consider being flexible with the other parent’s parenting time or communication needs. Keep the hostility to a minimum, especially if camp for the children just ended and time is short before the vacation starts.

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