Do I need to hire a lawyer for my NJ divorce case?

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Do I need an attorney for my divorce case?

My simple answer in most cases is yes. If you have assets that were acquired during the marriage absolutely. If you have a pension or a 401K retirement, absolutely. If you have child custody and visitation and custody are an issue absolutely. Alimony, these are all complicated issues. In those particular cases if, you have any one of those issues such as alimony, custody, visitation, equitable distribution, evaluation of pensions is absolutely recommended that you retain an attorney.

What happens in the context of a short marriage?

However, if you have none of those issues and you have a short marriage, lasting six months or a year no assets were acquired I would say you can probably proceed on a divorce action on your own or represent yourself, but if you have any of those issues it is highly recommended that you retain an attorney. If you need to speak to me about any of those issues, please contact my office.

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