Divorce Settlement Agreements in Union County, NJ

Divorce Settlement Agreements Attorney Union County NJThe New Jersey divorce process can be quite complicated depending on the situation of the divorcing spouses, their families, and their financial situation. One of the primary concerns for the majority of divorce proceedings is coming to a legal and enforceable divorce settlement agreement. These agreements are where spouses can lay out the terms of their divorce such as child custodychild supportalimony, the division of marital assets and much more. By working with a qualified divorce attorney, it is possible to resolve these issues outside of the courtroom, through formal litigation, or through alternative conflict resolution methods such as mediation.

Today, our divorce and family law attorney will discuss what can be included in divorce settlement agreements, what factors may determine the terms of your agreement, and how this may impact divorce proceedings.

Elizabeth, NJ Divorce Settlement Agreement Attorney

When people hear horror stories about divorces lasting many months or even multiple years, that is usually the result of a dispute over signing a divorce settlement agreement. Our Elizabeth divorce settlement agreement attorney understands that this is because the terms of your agreement may have both immediate and long lasting ramifications for you and your family. The many issues which may be resolved through a settlement agreement may include:

  • Child Custody – where and with whom your children will live is one of the greatest concerns for co-parents going through a divorce. Child custody also determines which parents have the legal right to make major decisions in a child’s life
  • Child Support – raising children is an expensive endeavor. Many divorces include child support terms to allow both co-parent the ability to financially care for their children
  • Alimony and Spousal Support – similarly, alimony protects former spouses who were financially dependent during a marriage or who can no longer afford the lifestyle to which they are accustomed
  • Equitable Distribution of Assets – every marriage involves dividing the property which you jointly owned or acquired during a marriage

Plainfield Divorce Lawyer Resolves Issues of Divorce

The vast majority of divorces require a legal settlement agreement to be granted. There are two primary paths that each divorce must take: contested or uncontested. This distinction is made when the individual who is served with divorce paperwork files or fails to file a response. Your Plainfield may recommend either contested or uncontested divorce based on your individual circumstances.

Uncontested divorce – when the divorce defendant does not respond to divorce paperwork, the divorce is considered uncontested. This speeds up the divorce process and is essentially an agreement that the terms of the proposed settlement agreement will remain the same.

Contested divorce – when the defendant files an answer, counterclaim, or appearance, the divorce is considered contested. At this point, the divorcing spouses may still argue and/or alter the terms of a settlement agreement until an amicable and reasonable agreement is reached.

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Divorce Attorney Edward Cooper understands that settlements are amongst the most contentious and important aspects of the divorce process. Our firm has extensive experience helping clients draft, sign, enforce, and modify settlement agreements throughout Union County communities such as Union, Linden, Elizabeth, Westfield, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, and all of Northern New Jersey. By working with an experienced and qualified divorce attorney who is an independent practitioner, you can be assured that you and your family’s case will not be passed around from partner to associate, to junior associate, and so on. When you work with The Law Offices of Edward Cooper, you will work with a single attorney from beginning to end.

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