Divorce Advice for Women and Stay-at-Home Moms Union County NJ

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Divorce Advice for Women and Stay-at-Home Moms Union County NJ

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. Stressing over issues such as child custody, child support, property division, and alimony is typical, and many people turn to friends and family for advice. While your friends and family members may have gone through a divorce and can provide you emotional support, they may also give you advice which is just wrong, or even harmful to your divorce. Even though your friends and family are well-meaning with their advice, many times divorce law has changed or maybe significantly different if they divorced in a different state.

You may have close friends who love you and care for you in the middle of a divorce process. They can become vital pillars as you face uncertainty for the future and the new stages you will face. Emotional support from a close friend or relative is critical in your process. However, along with the emotional support from your close ones, we strongly recommend looking for professional guidance to properly tell you which are the options that fit your case.

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Let’s take a look at some standard pieces of divorce advice for women which you should definitely not listen to.

Will I get full custody or residential custody as a mother?

While this may have been true twenty years ago, courts are now much more impartial when it comes to granting child custody, and in fact, they favor having children spend as much time as possible with both the mother and the father. Unless your husband poses a safety risk, chances are shared custody will be granted if your husband desires it.

Can I live on the amount I get for Child Support?

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is much more prevalent than you might expect. Child support is granted for your children’s needs such as clothing, food, education expenses, day-care, etc., not to subsidize your own personal lifestyle. Additionally, child support in New Jersey is a modifiable agreement, if your ex’s employment situation changes, or your children outgrow their need for support, your existing agreement will almost certainly be modified to reflect the changing circumstances. You should not count on it to last forever or to pay for living expenses not related to your children.

Is there a lifetime alimony? How is Alimony calculated for stay at home moms?

In 2014, New Jersey alimony law changed significantly with the release of the Alimony Reform Act. One significant change was that for marriages lasting less than 20 years, alimony is restricted to the duration of your marriage. So if you were married for 5 years, you could only receive alimony payments for 5 years. Additionally, alimony, like child support, can also be modified post-divorce. Factors such as your husband’s age and state of employment can allow for changes to the existing spousal support agreement. So when your friend tells you to just collect alimony for the rest of your life and relax, she hasn’t been keeping up with changes to the law and court practices.

The expense of litigating my Union County Divorce. Revenge can cost you.

While it can often be easy to feel betrayed and let-down in a divorce, purposely litigating every last aspect of your divorce settlement and attempting to ruin your ex financially is a lousy plan. You are only wasting money and resources which can lessen any agreement you may be granted anyway, and especially if there are children involved, you are eating into their college education funds and possible inheritance savings. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t fight for what you deserve, but excessive and unnecessary litigation is only hurting you and your children.

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There are a lot of pieces of very bad advice out there regarding your divorce, what to expect, and how to navigate the process. The best way to avoid misconceptions and bad pieces of advice is to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced Union County divorce lawyer. A good divorce lawyer will present you with realistic expectations and scenarios, and fight for the parts of your divorce settlement most important to you and not for all the extraneous details you don’t really care about.

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