Divorce Advice for Men: What Not to Listen to

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Divorce Advice for Men: What Not to Listen toDivorce is an emotionally draining process. Stressing over issues such as child custody, child support, property division, and alimony is normal, and many people turn to friends and family for advice. While your friends and family members may have gone through a divorce and can provide you emotional support, they may also give you advice which is just wrong, or even harmful to your divorce. Let’s take a look at some common pieces of advice which you should definitely not listen to.

Divorces are often highly complicated legal matters, as they cover a wide variety of factors such as economic issues, child custody arrangements, asset division, and many others. However, you don’t have to worry about it, leave all those matters in our hands and we’ll handle them for you. Call Edward Cooper today (908) 481-4625, or contact us online to take the burden off your shoulders.

Leaving the Marital Home before an Agreement is in Place

While you may be eager to leave your home and the problems you are facing there, and start your life fresh, you should be wary of leaving your shared residence before your marital property division agreement is in place. Not only will you be responsible for paying for two different homes, but it also sets a bad precedent in terms of child custody. If you leave the house and leave your wife with full custody of your children when it comes time to decide child custody you may have established a “status quo” which can harm your chances of securing more time with your children.

Child Support Payments Will Increase as Custody and Parenting Time Decreases

Understandably men are often concerned about being able to pay for child support, alimony, and still maintain their own homes and lifestyles. However, you should never use your children as a way to pay your ex less or manipulate your child support agreement. Your children’s emotional well-being should always come before any grudges or grievances you have against your ex.

Hiding Money and Assets is very Risky

While it may be extremely frustrating to have to divide assets that you consider yours and yours alone, the fact of the matter is that it is not worth the risk. Judges will heavy penalize you if you are found to be hiding assets from the divorce settlement, and it can also strain your relationship with your ex, whom you may still have to communicate with in order to take care of your children. And while there may be the stereotype of the “gold-digger” ex-wife, the truth of the matter is that most women use child support and alimony payments to provide a safe and stable home for their children.

Getting Back at your Spouse can Prove to be Costly

There are a lot of ways for you to get back at your ex, from hiring an ultra-aggressive divorce attorney to hiding assets, but most of the time you are only hurting yourself and your children by doing this. If you hire an attorney who is going to litigate every last detail, you will wind up spending more money on legal fees than you would potentially save through litigation. Additionally, you will set a bad example for your children, it is important that you model healthy conflict resolution skills and behavior.

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