Contempt of Court During Child Custody Proceedings & How To Stay Calm

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Contempt of Court During Child Custody Proceedings & How To Stay Calm

The process of divorce is a straining experience emotionally, mentally, and financially for all involved parties, no matter how amicable the terms of the proceedings. Over the course of the legalization of separation during which you’re working out such aspects as the division of assets and child custody details, it is important to prioritize self-care so that all interactions and decisions made come from a clear-headed space of calm.

Nowhere is centered action more important than in a child custody hearing. The consideration of your child’s well-being is a deeply personal and important one, and emotions are often triggered during these proceedings that have adverse effects on the parent’s custody outcomes. As your New Jersey divorce attorneys, we are aware of the importance of your calm presence during a child custody proceeding, especially as it relates to your testimony and interactions with the New Jersey Family Court-appointed child custody expert.

A child custody expert is trained in determining the most stable arrangement for the healthy development of a young child, both through evidence submitted by the divorcing parents’ attorneys, interviews with the parents and children, and trained considerations of guidelines for child custody evaluations. The objective information provided to a child custody expert during the custody proceedings is enough to sway decision-making; the addition of an emotional outburst that effectively amounts to abuse or intimidation of a child custody expert is sure to have damaging effects on the outcome of the case. Not only this but the New Jersey Superior Court, Family Part officials will protect its child custody experts and may hold you in contempt of court, which, in addition to losing custody of your child, could result in jail time or high fines.

What is contempt of court?

A parent who does the following during a child custody proceeding will be held  in contempt of court: (1) is found by the judge to be rude or disrespectful to the judge, attorneys, child custody experts, or other court officials in such a way that it disrupts the flow of the courtroom, even after warning by the judge; or (2) willfully disregards or disobeys a court order.

A family law judge will not preside over a contempt of court proceeding initiated in the family court; as such, a new, impartial judge will be assigned the case.

Self-care tips during a child custody proceeding

Self-care tips during a child custody proceedingShowing the officials of the family court your truest, most centered version is essential to ensuring a positive outcome for your family’s future and your part in it. During the stressful time of a divorce and child custody proceeding, keep in mind the following ways to take care of yourself so you can take care of your children.

Hydrate and eat healthfully. During this high-stress time, balance your body’s hormonal and brain chemistry with a healthy, plant-based diet including diverse fruits and vegetables.

Exercise. Exercise is crucial during times of emotional instability. It’s a grounding way to burn off stress and release feel-good chemicals in the brain, which contribute to a sense of calm, just what you’ll need for your child custody hearing.

Meditate. Meditation calms the nervous system, particularly the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the fight-or-flight response to stress that one is often constantly in during a period of high stress in their lives. Help your body’s systems help you by giving them space and time to calm down.

Sleep. Insomnia is often reported during divorce proceedings, but not getting enough sleep can boost anxiety and depression. Listen to binaural beats at the healing frequencies of 432Hz and 528Hz to lull yourself to sleep.

Talk to someone. Reaching out for personal and professional support at this time is one of the most positive ways you can find steady ground during this time.

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