Co-Parenting after Divorce

When two parents divorce, they are ending many of their legal and financial obligations to one another. However, one obligation they are not ending is that of being the parents of their children.

Understandably, helping to raise your children with your former spouse may seem like a tall task. While not every divorced couple can have a successful co-parenting relationship, here are a few tips to help you develop a positive and successful co-parenting relationship with your former spouse.

Westfield, NJ Divorce Attorney Suggests “Creating a Parenting Plan”

One of the most important things you can do with your former partner towards creating a successful co-parenting relationship is to develop a “parenting plan”. This plan would outline the responsibilities and expectations that each parent will have, and create a clear guide for how the co-parents should communicate with one another, and when and how they should.

By having a clear plan for which parent(s) will handle which kind of situations or issues, and how those situations and issues will be communicated to the other parent, you can set the foundation of a communicative and well-defined co-parenting relationship.

Elizabeth, NJ Family Law Firm Suggests “Keeping Your Children Out of Issues with your Co-Parent “

One thing that most child psychologists will agree on is the fact that if your children feel conflicted over which parent’s advice, rules, or guidance to follow, than can lead to many different issues which hamper their healthy development into adults.

If you have any kind of issue with your co-parent or how they are raising your children, it is important that you do not raise these issues with your children. Instead, try speaking with your co-parent directly, or, for more difficult issues, speak with our Elizabeth, NJ family law firm.

Union, NJ Divorce Attorney Suggests “Learning to Compromise”

While you and your co-parent may not have been able to reach the compromises necessary to maintaining your marriage, now that many of those obligations and issues are over, it may certainly be possible to learn to compromise when it comes to raising your children.

As compromise is one of the most important aspects of any successful co-parenting relationship, it is also important that you develop a support network which helps you to discuss and make some of these necessary compromises. Many times, but simply speaking about whatever issue you may have with a close friend or a family member, you will gain insights into your co-parent’s position, or at the very least, insights in how to more effectively resolve whatever issue is at hand.

Linden, NJ Post-Divorce Lawyer Suggests “Clearing your Legal Slate”

Finally, if you and your co-parent have any unresolved legal issues such as a post-divorce modification or a family law appeal, these on-going legal issues can seriously damage your co-parenting relationship. Instead, speak with a Linden post-divorce lawyer regarding whatever outstanding legal issues you may have, and your options for resolving them fairly and quickly.

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