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Co-Parenting with a Difficult ExNew Jersey child custody courts are leaning more and more towards a co-parenting child custody arrangement whenever possible. Current laws and cultural understanding say that children of divorced parents should have as much time as possible with both parents after the divorce, and courts will rule with this in mind. Unless your spouse poses a safety risk to your children, you should probably expect to share custody of your children with your ex.

Life has its ups and downs, and unfortunately, circumstances are not always the ones we desire. In the middle of those changes, finding your path into the law system by yourself can be confusing.

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Difficult Ex Makes it Difficult to Co-parent in Union County NJ

This newer practice is great for the children, but what if your ex is extremely difficult to deal with? Maybe they are argumentative, vindictive, lazy, or difficult to communicate with. It can be difficult to share custody of your children with such an individual, but here are some tips for dealing with a difficult ex in your co-parenting arrangement.

Cranford Child Custody Lawyer Advises You to “Lower Your Expectations”

If your ex was difficult to deal with during your divorce, it’s reasonable to expect them to continue to be difficult. Just because you are now divorced, your spouse will not magically transform into a reasonable person who follows all of your advice and wishes, so don’t expect them to. By having the proper expectations of how your relationship will be moving forward, you can take the proper steps to anticipate and avoid conflicts and problems whenever possible.

Elizabeth, NJ Divorce Attorney Advises You to “Try Therapy”

Going through a divorce and all of the stress involved, especially with a difficult ex, can leave you with a lot of negative feelings towards your ex, feelings which may cloud your judgment and influence your decision making in negative ways. As much as you may want them to be the one to seek therapy and work out their issues, it can be of great benefit to you to do the same, helping you to come to terms with your ex and your divorce, and in the process, helping you to gain a greater level of tolerance and patience which may be necessary to work with your ex in the future about important issues regarding your children.

Westfield, NJ Family Law Attorney Advises You to “Let Go”

As much as you may not approve of your ex’s parenting methods and/or choices, the fact of the matter is that what he/she does with the children during their parenting time is out of your control. Unless they are actively harming your children, they are within their rights as a parent to make their own choices. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can begin to reduce your own anxiety and stress and begin to enjoy your time alone when your kids are with your ex. By modeling acceptance and maturity, you are setting a great example for your own children, providing a stable and positive influence on their lives.

Roselle, NJ Parenting Time Lawyer Advises You to “Understand Your Influence”

Similar to the previous section, it is important that you understand the level of influence you have over your children, and accept it. Maybe you don’t agree with the parenting choices your ex makes, but there really isn’t much you can do about it, besides being the best parent you can at times when you do have your children. Do the best job you can when you can, and acknowledge that you are doing everything you can to ensure your children’s happiness and health.

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