Child Emancipation in Union NJ

Child Emancipation in Union NJChild emancipation is the process of legally declaring a child an independent adult.   It may take many different forms depending on the unique circumstances of both the child and/or their guardians. Cases of child emancipation may mean big changes to existing legal agreements in the area of divorce and child support. Though in New Jersey there are many laws that govern Child emancipation, in some cases, the emancipation of a child may mean the end of child support obligations.

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When is a Child Legally Emancipated in Union County?

Child emancipation is the legal declaration of a child’s adulthood and independence from his or her guardians. The child or their guardians can petition the family law courts to emancipate a child for several reasons including the following:

  • Child enters into a legal marriage
  • Child enlist in the military
  • Child is financially independent due to maintaining full time employment with sufficient income
  • Child is pregnant or becomes a parent themselves
  • Child is functionally independent and does not live or reside with guardians

Though these factors may be grounds to petition the court to emancipate a child, in the end the courts will always use the “best interest of the child’ standard as it does in all cases involving children.  It is important to note that parents may also contest child emancipation in court.

Child Support and Child Emancipation Lawyer Scotch Plains NJ

As of January 2016 the signing of S-1046/A-2721 by Governor Christie has made the legal age for the termination of child support 19 in cases where no formal emancipation agreement was reached. There are also some cases where a child support obligation can extend to the 23rd birthday of the child if there has been a previous arrangement or court order. For an extension of child support until the age of 23 the child must still be in high school; attending full-time college, graduate school or vocational school; is disabled; or ,as previously stated, a separate agreement was reached.

However in cases where a child has been emancipated, parents may petition the court to end child support payments as the child would then be considered an adult. These petitions are often granted, although it is best to enter the process with a skilled and experienced attorney.

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