Cell Phone Data and Divorce Settlements Attorney Linden NJ

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Cell Phone Data and Divorce Settlements Attorney Linden NJ

In today’s modern society, we use our cell phones to help us in all aspects of our lives. From communication with our friends, family, and colleagues, to getting a ride from the airport, to paying our bills. Our cell phones can help us do all sorts of things, and even conveniently save lots of information for you like emails and messages. That’s great, right?

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Cell Phones Used for Communication History in Union County Divorce

It turns out that your cellphone saving all of your communication history as well as financial information may have some negative consequences for people going through a divorce. If you have reason to believe there is information damaging to your divorce settlement proceedings on your spouse’s cellphone, you can petition the courts for the records. Things like hidden assets or evidence of an affair can impact a divorce settlement and issues such as child custody, child support, division of assets, and alimony.

Cell Phones are the New Private Investigator in Divorce

In years past, people would hire private investigators to “dig up dirt” on their spouse, getting evidence of illicit behavior and the location of hidden assets. Now, courts are beginning to allow for cell phone data to be allowed in court, with the purported intention of it being easier and safer than hiring professional investigators. There are plenty of cell phones and electronic experts willing to help you, for a price.

Cell Phone Data Used as Admissible Evidence in Family Court

While some courts are admitting cell phone evidence, some others are not. Additionally, certain information obtained may or may not be admissible. For a clearer understanding of what kinds of data may be admissible in your divorce court, contact your Union County divorce attorney.

That being said, modern technology is certainly changing traditional divorce proceedings and the ease of access to information. It is unclear how privacy laws may change in the future to either block or allow cell phone information from divorce proceedings. The law as it is currently written does not take into account modern technology and its impacts and citizens’ privacy.

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