Can I Modify an Existing Child Support Agreement in NJ?

Union County NJ Child Support Modification LawyerIn New Jersey, the terms of child support agreements are determined for the best interests of the child. Child rearing is expensive, and children benefit from co-parents who are financially strong. Child support is also determined using a very specific calculation which takes a number of factors into consideration. When these factors change over time, it may be possible to modify existing child support agreements.

Today, our child support attorney will discuss how to child support agreements can be modified, what changes in circumstances may be considered, and a high level of the legal process.

Union County, NJ Child Support Modification Lawyer

As mentioned above, child support agreements used a fixed calculation determined by the state of New Jersey. Navigate to the NJ Quick Guide to access a simple calculator. The primary factors which go into your final child support terms include:

  • Gross income of each co-parent
  • Child custody agreement terms including percentage of parenting time and whether the custodial parents has sole or shared physical custody
  • Number of children involved
  • Marital status of each co-parent
  • Existing child support payments being made or received by either party

Plainfield Child Support Attorney Discusses Grounds for Modification

Your Plainfield child support modification attorney may be able to successfully modify your child custody agreement if either co-parent has experienced a significant change in circumstance. Common changes of circumstance which may allow co-parents to modify and agreement include:

  • Either co-parent receiving a significant raise, promotion, or influx of capital through other means
  • Either co-parent loses their job or suffers a significant financial loss
  • The loss of a family home or other real estate
  • Either party or a child becoming seriously ill or injured, leading to significant expense and/or missed work
  • Significant change to cost of living
  • Much more

What is the Process of Modifying a Child Support Agreement in New Jersey?

In order to modify your existing child support agreement, there are three methods which your Union County child support modification attorney might utilize. The method which is right for you and your co-parent depends entirely on your ability to work together, your personal preference, and the nature of your child support dispute.

  1. Modify your agreement amicably. In many cases, the change in circumstance is obvious to both parties. It is not only possible, but recommended for co-parents to modify their child support agreements outside of court with the help of a qualified attorney
  2. Use alternative conflict resolution methods. It is also common for co-parents to seek alternatives to litigation such as mediation or arbitration. It is still a great idea to work with independent legal counsel during this process
  3. File a motion to modify your child support agreement. Petitions must be filed in New Jersey family court to be considered. Legal and proper motions to modify child support agreements should include a copy of your existing child support order, case information statements, and information/evidence proving your substantial change of circumstance

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Child support modification attorney Edward S. Cooper has nearly three decades of experience helping clients draft, enforce, and modify child support agreements. The modification process often requires a higher degree of proof and legal knowledge than the initial drafting process. However, Attorney Cooper has successfully modified child supportchild custody, and alimony agreements for clients from local Union County communities including Linden, Westfield, Elizabeth, Plainfield, Union, Scotch Plains, and all of Northern New Jersey.

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